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March 19, 2013

Download Treasure Island Full Movie | Download Treasure Island The Film Online

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Genres: Adventure
Actors: Shirley Henderson , Elijah Wood , Donald Sutherland , Philip Glenister , Daniel Mays , Rupert Penry-Jones , Toby Regbo , Eddie Izzard , Nina Sosanya , Geoff Bell , Shaun Parkes , David Harewood , Keith Allen , Sean Gilder , Clinton Blake
Director: Steve Barron
Country: United Kingdom, Ireland
Year: 2012
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (188 votes)

Film Review

"I will plan a venture Jim Hawkins and we will both profit wildly. Trust me boy." After Long John Silver (Izzard) is double crossed by his captain Flint (Sutherland) he only has one thing on his mind. Retreiving the treasure he feels is rightly his. When finding out that the only one who can get a ship to the island where the treasure is is a young boy named Jim Hawkins (Regbo) he makes friends with him. I have never seen any of the other versions of this nor read the book. I knew a little of the story but to me this was about 90% new to me. Even though this is a made for TV movie it is much better then most of the theater movies that have been released recently. Izzard is a perfect choice for this and I think is on par with Depp. This movie is very entertaining and I recommend it. This is a pirate movie that can stand side by side with the first "Pirates Of The Carribbean" movie, and may actually be better in some ways. This is a movie well worth your time. Overal…

I haven't seen any of the other older versions of Treasure Island, nor do I intend to. I have read the book when I was a kid though and it was pretty good.I'll start off by saying that the scenarios are a bit random..and there is no clear setting to the show and the storytelling is really terrible. It just starts off without so much as an introduction as to what time period it is and what the world is like at this point.The actors are not convincing, the background music lacks effect and doesn't take me into the show, the characters fail to impress me, and feel like they are modern looking and not from the 'pirates' time period(they have punk hairstyles for heaven's sake).And African-origin men who're in authority positions? during British colonial age? really?? I don't think so..If you wish to compare it to Pirates of the Caribbean, its not even close, although they say this is meant to be more serious, its just boring. Pirates Of The Caribbean…

This was a valiant stab at televising the much treasured (no pun intended) book by Robert Louis Stevenson.The costume design, the locations and acting were all superb. Eddie Izzard is by far the best Long John Silver that has ever graced our television screens. Toby Regbo is very well suited as Jim Hawkins.The program opens with a nice little addition to the book, setting the background up surrounding Flint's crew nicely and explaining the loss of Long John's leg – setting hopes high for the rest of the program.Unfortunately there are two massive letdowns for anyone who enjoyed the book, namely Trelawney and Livesy. The acting standards from Jones and Mays is high, however the scriptwriters seem to have read a copy of Treasure Island from an alternate universe, where everything is exactly opposite to the original.Trelawney, has been rewritten from having been a kind, generous adventuring man (if not a little too open at times) to being a two faced, selfish, greedy, penny pin…

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