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March 19, 2013

Download The Passenger Full Movie | Hi-def Quality The Passenger Download

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Genres: Drama , Mystery , Romance
Actors: Jack Nicholson , Maria Schneider , Jenny Runacre , Ian Hendry , Steven Berkoff , Ambroise Bia , José María Caffarel , James Campbell , Manfred Spies , Jean-Baptiste Tiemele , Ángel del Pozo , Charles Mulvehill , Narciso Pula
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Country: Italy, Spain, France
Year: 1975
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (10001 votes)

A journalist researching a documentary in the Sahara Desert meets a gunrunner who dies suddenly. When the journalist notices that they have a similar appearance, he assumes the recently deceased’s identity and accepts the consequences that it brings. Written by MuzikJunky A reporter arrives at a desert hotel in a North African country in the Sahara Desert to report on the guerrillas fighting there. He meets a man who dies suddenly, and who resembles the reporter so much, that he decides to change identities with the dead man–to escape his personal problems and more. The life is of a man is made of his ingrained habits, and that will haunt him as he tries to start a new relationship with a young, strange woman he meets subsequently…. Written by Artemis-9 David Locke is a television reporter on location in Africa’s Sahara Desert. It’s hot, humid, and everything seems to be dirty. Returning to his hotel after getting lost and bogged in the desert, he discovers that the man in the room next to his has died. After deciding that his own life wasn’t worth living anymore, he switches identities with the dead man, taking the man’s passport (with his own photo swapped in), his luggage, and his appointment schedule. Leaving Africa, he heads off to keep the dead man’s appointments, hoping that his new life will be more interesting than his old one was.

Film Review

More accessible and less mysterious than any of the other widely known Antonioni movies, with more of a plot in a traditional sense. Nicholson plays a disillusioned, depressed reporter who switches identity with a dead man in hopes of freeing himself from his old life. But life follows anyway, in the form of his wife and producer, who want to find out what happened to him, and the men who knew the arms dealer that Nicholson has now unwittingly become. Along the way he falls in like with Maria Schnider as a young woman who seems lost herself, and who seems to be using Jack's journey to give her own life meaning. Nicholson is lower key than usual, and very, very good; by far the most human of all Antononi's leads. His accessibility makes the film easier and more fun than most of Antonioni's movies, but somehow there's a lack of depth and resonance of the earlier, more obtuse Antonioni films. (And still that penchant for stilted, weighty dialogue). It's not as am…

I watched this again because of the recent loss of Maria Schneider. She was at times important to some influential film experiences by actively supporting passivity, and thus was a sort of transition archetype. And it reminded me once again of the tight relationship a film has with its audience.Antonioni was at the peak of his powers, and so was Nicholson. But we were in 1975 also at the peak of our ability to work with the eye. Sure, I am even more skilled now at viewing — we all are, aren't we? — but that is not talent and talent requires young, shocking hunger. This film was important because we were talented consumers of art because we needed it. This notion of narrative drift was new and important.If you do not know this film, the story consists of a very simple device: a man is a filmmaker who loses his identity and enters the world of film, stranded as it were, unconnected. There is some intrigue, but it is remote, abstract. He drifts through purely cinematic loc…

I was admittedly rather tired last night when I fell asleep early on in this film but when I went back to the beginning and tried again I discovered that, tired or not, the film is really pretty stultifying in some ways; it's easy to break concentration or just plain doze off while watching a film like this. It's sloooooooow. With a lot more 'o's than I've used, even. 'Deliberately paced' doesn't cut it as a euphemism this time, I'm afraid. And I am not of the MTV Generation, though early on in the piece I simultaneously wondered if (a) this was going to be one of those meandering films that doesn't tell you anything, even if not overtly telling you or spoonfeeding the audience, and (b) that even in today's cinema where average shot lengths of a few seconds duration are considered 'lingering,' having shot lengths that appear to be on average about 25 minutes was not really much of an antidote.Soon enough, though, my fear…

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