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March 19, 2013

Download The Crooked Way Full Movie | The Crooked Way Full Movie Hd Quality

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Crime
Actors: John Payne , Sonny Tufts , Ellen Drew , Rhys Williams , Percy Helton , John Doucette , Charles Evans , Greta Granstedt , Raymond Largay , Harry Bronson , Hal Baylor , Don Haggerty , Jack Overman , Crane Whitley , John Harmon
Director: Robert Florey
Country: United States
Year: 1949
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (252 votes)

A World War II veteran, suffering from amnesia but otherwise healthy, is released from a veteran’s hospital, decides to return to Los Angeles to see if he can regain his identity. Trying to retrace his former steps he soon learns that he was a double-crossing gangster, and many people have reasons to wish he wasn’t around…and some try to see to it that he isn’t around very long…alive, at least.

Film Review

As opposed to COVER UP (1949), the film noir stylistics – courtesy of master cinematographer John Alton – are all over this one and they are its main raison d’etre; alas, the plot is rather routine, though by no means uninteresting. This low-budget effort proved to be one of Robert Florey’s last movie projects and he competently handles the action throughout; most effective, perhaps, is chief villain Sonny Tufts’ violent demise in a hail of bullets. John Payne, however, is miscast in the main role of the amnesiac war veteran as one doesn’t quite believe in his earlier persona of a vicious thug! This opinion, though, might very well change after watching him in the reportedly superior KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952), 99 RIVER STREET (1953) and THE BOSS (1956), three other noirs I have on VHS…

I saw this at the 2006 Palm Springs Film Noir Festival and I had never seen this before and enjoyed seeing it on the big screen for my first time viewing it. This is your typical gangster B-movie 40's film whose filmmakers had no idea they were making a movie that would be called Film Noir in the future but were artistically doing their best with a low budget, a B-list cast and a popular theme of returning WWII vets. This vet is played by John Payne who has heroically won a Silver Star and a Purple Heart with a shrapnel injury that has left an inoperable piece of metal lodged in his brain that has resulted in irreversible amnesia. All he knows is he enlisted out of L.A so he returns there to try to trace his past only to find as soon as he steps of the bus that he has a criminal past, a former wife, and a former gangster associate who wants him dead. Robert Florey who directed crime, horror, comedy and adventure films is the director toward the end of his film career. He had direc…

….But the picture is 90 minutes long. "The Crooked Way" was cruising along with an unusually good storyline, some workmanlike acting performances and with the great John Alton's incomparable photography (Alton is a must for this genre and he never disappoints). John Payne reinvented himself in the late 40's, making the transition from musicals to noir just as Dick Powell did before him. Here he gives one of his best acting jobs as an amnesiac war vet who was a mob figure before enlisting. Sonny Tufts is cast against type as the mob boss and is remarkably good. They are ably supported by such stalwarts as Rhys Williams, John Doucette and weaselly Percy Helton. Ellen Drew is the love interest but is too refined in a part which called for someone like Claire Trevor, who could play trash in her sleep.Then about 10 minutes from the end the picture starts to unravel, with glaring illogic and several unanswered questions and non-sequiturs. For instance; why does Payne s…

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