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March 19, 2013

Download Seed of Chucky Full Movie | Buy Seed of Chucky Moivie High Quality

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Genres: Romance , Horror , Comedy
Actors: Stephanie Chambers , Nicholas Rowe , Jason Flemyng , Tony Gardner , Steve West , Keith-Lee Castle , John Waters , Hannah Spearritt , Redman , Billy Boyd , Jennifer Tilly , Brad Dourif , Simon James Morgan , Bethany Simons-Danville , Rebecca Santos
Director: Don Mancini
Country: United Kingdom, United States, Romania
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (17475 votes)

The killer doll is back! Glen, the orphan doll offspring of the irrepressible devilish-doll-come-to-life Chucky and his equally twisted bride Tiffany. When production starts on a movie detailing the urban legend of his parents’ lethal exploits, Glen heads for Hollywood where he brings his bloodthirsty parents back from the dead. The family dynamics are far from perfect as Chucky and Tiffany go Hollywood and get rolling on a new spree of murderous mayhem; much to gentle Glen’s horror. Chucky can’t believe that his child doesn’t want to walk in his murdering footsteps, and star-struck Tiffany can’t believe that the movie will star her favorite actress, Jennifer Tilly, who soon becomes an unwitting hostess to this new family in more ways than one…

Film Review

It has nothing to do with Child play, yes there is a doll name Chucky, but has not same to is as the previous.It is not an horror movie, is just so ridiculous, but not ridiculous as in funny. Just a plain dumb movie, not worth watching.I was almost stopping the movie at 36 minutes in, but watching the movie finish does not made it better.I see my self of fan of the Chucky series, but I do not like this fifth movie in the series.You could easily skip this movie, go re watch one of the previous instead, even the four which also movie a bit way from the horror genre to comedy genre work much better than this one.

If you thought Bride of Chucky was supremely silly stuff, wait until you get a load of Seed of Chucky, which takes the Child's Play series into seriously deranged territory by pitting the real-life Jennifer Tilly (played by Jennifer Tilly, of course, who has a blast sending herself up) against her killer doll counterpart, Tiffany, and of course, dear old Chucky (once again voiced by Brad Dourif).The film also introduces us to chronic pant-wetter Shitface (voiced by Billy Boyd), Chucky and Tiffany's ugly offspring, who has spent six years in England working as a ventriloquist's doll (meaning that he now has a Cockney accent!). Whilst watching a TV report on a new movie about the Chucky legend, the timid chap mistakes the animatronic dolls being used in the film for his long-lost mum and dad, and heads for Hollywood for a family reunion.At the studio where the film is being made, Shitface discovers his inanimate 'parents' in the prop department, and uses family …

Her is a movie that falls into the category of movies that I like but everyone else hates. I can understand why some people would say that this movie is not that good but, honestly, I don't understand the utter and pure hatred for the film.The film does start off with an… interesting opening sequence. By interesting I mean that the entire first minute of the movie is a bunch of sperm flying around. Yeah… so anyway, Chucky voiced by Brad Dourif and Tiffany voiced by Jennifer Tilly have a child named Glen voiced by Billy Boyd(Appropriate enough since The Hobbit comes out today). The child does a whole lot of things like wet himself and is hard to determine whether or not he is a…boy…or…girl. Basically he does anything but kill people. Chucky and Tiffany want to take over some souls to be human again. Chucky wants Redman played by Redman and Tiffany, oddly enough, wants Jennifer Tilly played by Jennifer Tilly. They have a problem, Glen/Glenda(Get it?) wants them to stop ki…

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