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March 19, 2013

Download Intimate Affairs Full Movie | Intimate Affairs Download Movie

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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Dermot Mulroney , Julie Delpy , Robin Tunney , Neve Campbell , Jeremy Davies , Alan Cumming , Til Schweiger , John Light , Nick Nolte , Terrence Howard , Emily Bruni , Tuesday Weld , Jacqueline Anderson , Marc Hosemann , Joseph May
Director: Alan Rudolph
Country: Germany, United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 4.8/10 (838 votes)

A group of men and two female stenographers scientifically study sex.

Film Review

Anyone who had the pleasure of seeing this film doesn't know the meaning of the word "pleasure." What an inept piece of pompous trash! It is like Plato's Symposium for morons. Poor Julie Delpy looks like she hasn't a clue as to what she should do, and I take this as a sign of her intelligence. It's a great big piece of empty posturing.Tuesday Weld's accent is all over the place, but I guess we're supposed to think she's just an empty old bag with no substance. Or how about the trembling Neve Campbell who does one shtick throughout but we're somehow supposed to think she's wiser at the end. And then there's Dermot Mulr9ony with deep problems with his dad. Give me a break. What's amazing is that this kind of stuff is supposed to be sexy! Good God, hasn't anyone out there met anyone and had something happen between you?

If a pretentious, softcore pornographer took a single college class in human sexuality and got a D+ in it, that sort of person might enjoy Intimate Affairs.Set in 1929, this movie purports to tell the story of a group of friends and acquaintances who set out to explore human sexuality by talking about it until they're blue in the face. And while it's made to a standard of professional competence, this is a very silly and poorly written film. It's filled with two-dimensional characters engaging in some of the least provocative and least erotic sex talk you've ever heard. It's visually pedestrian and there's little plot or real character development even attempted, let alone achieved.For all that, though, there's some fairly good acting here. Nick Nolte plays Faldo, the rich man funding the sex research of disgraced college professor Edgar (Dermot Mulroney), and whatever you though of Nolte before, you'll admire his ability to take this film'…

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