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March 19, 2013

Download Hello Full Movie | Download Movie Hello Pda

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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Bharati Achrekar , Amrita Arora , Sharman Joshi , Katrina Kaif , Arbaaz Khan , Salman Khan , Sohail Khan , Isha Koppikar , Anupam Maanav , Suresh Menon , Rishi Nijhawan , Gul Panag , Sharat Saxena , Dalip Tahil
Director: Atul Agnihotri
Country: India
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 (645 votes)

Hello… is a tale about the events that happen one night at a call center. Told through the views of the protagonist, Shyam, it is a story of almost lost love, thwarted ambitions, absence of family affection, pressures of a patriarchal set up, and the work environment of a globalized office. Shyam is losing his girl friend because his career is going nowhere as he trudges his way around in a call center. His girl friend, Priyanka, is also an agent like him at the call center who is about to be snatched by an NRI technogeek. There is also the aspiring model, Esha, who is hoping for the break that seems to be always already eluding her and the man about town, Vroom, who is into well, things. The housewife, Radhika, who is constantly at the receiving end of her mother-in-law and a beleaguered grandfather, Military Uncle, who has been barred from interacting with his grandchild make up the rest of the call agents who see their worlds crumbling around them as the decisions of right sizing are conveyed by Bakshi, the boss. It is a night when dreams will finally crumble. Or will it? For there is that call from God. Narrated as a tale within a tale as a beautiful woman meets the auteur narrator and promises him a story on the condition that he has to narrate it further, Hello, based on Chetan Bhagat’s one night @ the call center, is the one remarkable story from Tales from a Thousand and One globalizing, urban, Indian Nights. Written by Reel Life Production While his helicopter is being serviced, singer/dancer Khan is told a story by an attractive woman. The tale revolves around the lives of seven Mumbai-based call center workers, all Hindus, who are allocated Christian names, instructed never to reveal their location, and speak with an American accent by a Boston-based company. There is Shyam – who attempts to deal with the fact that his sweetheart/fellow-worker, Priyanka, is getting married to U.S.-based Ganesh; Varun – who is unable to woo his co-worker, Esha; Radhika – who is neglected and harassed by her husband, Anuj, and mother-in-law respectively; a lonely worker – Military uncle – is prevented to communicate with his grandson; while their boss, Subhash Bakshi, attempts to further his career by plagiarizing software, agrees to lay-off 40% of the Indian workforce, and re-locate to Boston. Their lives undergo changes when a mysterious caller phones them after their vehicle gets involved in a life-threatening accident.

Film Review

Is Atul Agnihotri a worse director than actor? Well that's a discussion not worth having. His debut film ripped off 'Return To Me' and it was a pathetic movie. This film is pretty bad (though not as bad as other disasters of the year such as 'Drona', 'Krazzy 4' etc) and the worst thing about both of Agnihotri's films is the direction. The guy should have given up after his first attempt and perhaps do something not-related to cinema (perhaps follow the footsteps of another non-talented ex actress like Twinkle Khanna who has now become an interior decorator).I haven't read Bhagat's book but what convinced me to give this movie a chance were Isha Koppikar and Gul Panag. The movie really drags at several sequences and the dialogues are stale. The romantic scenes are corny and dull e.g. Priyanka proposing to Shyam. The songs are irritating and of the fast-forward quality. The characters are not well-developed and as a consequence, some of the perfor…

i think that the promos made the movie look a little more mysterious and exciting then it actually was. It takes a little while to actually get the movie started and i feel they could have done a little better.Also, they could have had some more parts to do with salman khan and katrina kaif as they were hardly in the movie. The setting of the movie is pretty good however, thescript was a little weak. There is a short song in this movie which goes something like this "When you love me it feels so right only in your arms tonight I wanna feel you next to me holding me so tight love me love hold me hold me" does anyone know the artist of that song or the name of the song or is just another part of the movie?

Based on the book called One night at the call centre, the film centres on the events that happen to an eclectic array of characters over one night at an Indian call centre. I've not read the book but the movie is absolutely atrocious. The rubbish drama was so boring that I had a sore head & I felt like ripping my arm out and constantly bash my head with it. There were no different events and situations and was far from entertaining & beyond boring. At the start Salman's character was not told that who is he but instead they put a stupid song Bang Bang.Then out of nowhere Katrina Kaif came and was telling him the outrageously boring story and she is completely crap. Neither she knows acting, language (her voice is always dubbed for her), dance and always fails to impress. I do not like her one bit and its better off that she is kicked out of Bollywood and never comes back again. Even all of her movies suck (except Race). In the story the Americans where calling the Ind…

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