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March 19, 2013

Download Diary of a Bad Lad Full Movie | How To Watch Diary of a Bad Lad The Movie

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Genres: Comedy , Crime
Actors: Joe O’Byrne , Paul Birtwistle , Donna Henry , Roxanne Gregory , Clive Bonelle , James Foster , Jonathan Williams , Tim Paley , Chris Leonard , Michael Booth , Charlie Anderson , Bob Atkinson , Jason Blacow , Alison Booth , Louise Brand
Director: Michael Booth
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 (96 votes)

Film school tutor, Barry Lick, has been suspended on full pay accused of ‘gross professional misconduct’. But he’s got a spring in his step because it means he’s just been handed the chance to try and make a sensationalist crime documentary which might just save his career. Even better he can do it all on the cheap; he’s still being payed and there’s ex-students out there who are willing to work for nothing more than empty promises. Barry’s quest is going nowhere – that is until security consultant, Tommy Morghen, appears on the scene. And it’s not long before Barry’s plunged into a world of sub-prime mortgages, blackmail, corruption, knife crime, extreme German S&M pornography, castration, corpse disposal, gang-rape and, ultimately, murder. But what’s Tommy’s interest in all this? Is it that he just wants fame and notoriety, or does he have another agenda? Barry puts questions like these to the back of his mind. All he knows is that, in the age of reality TV, sensationalism sells – so, no matter what, you keep filming!

Film Review

After seeing this film twice now, what becomes apparent upon the second viewing is the northern humour. well timed comic performances from Paul Bertwistle in particular are what give the audience respite from the dark, sinister and intense drama that unfolds upon the screen.To think that this film was made with such a low budget and in the spare time of the film makers is a credit to them and shows the commitment of everyone involved. 'Diary Of A Bad Lad' is certain to be a success amongst audiences everywhere and why the film has not been released yet defies logic. I challenge anyone to see the film and not have strong feelings towards it.

Caught this one in Manchester at Kino. An interesting and well made movie that uses it’s low budget combined with it’s central theme to full advantage in order to keep the audience entertained. Perception is a funny thing and Diary of a Bad Lad uses this to toy with it’s viewers throughout. For the first time viewers it may appear to be a genuine documentary which helps catch them off guard before playing with their expectations until the final seconds. Quite where it is heading (or, indeed, how far it will go) is never certain and this allows Diary of a Bad Lad, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Last House on the Left before it, to keep people on the edge of their seats. It should also be noted that the film is very funny and a showcase for some great British acting talent. This is the kind of independent movie that doesn’t "need" support – it deserves it. Definitely worth seeing if you get chance!

Every Danny Dyer fan should see this film. And so should he.For those who don't know, Danny Dyer is an actor has built an inexplicably successful career playing geezerish mockney gangsters and football hooligans. He also presents "Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men", a morally-questionable piece of reality TV in which he pals around with various low-level gangsters, celebrating their violent actions. Recently, Dyer made the sort of viciously misogynous "joke" one of the characters in his films, or one of his new gangster pals would make in a cheap lads' mag renowned for its Neanderthal attitude to women, and sparked a national outcry. Dyer very quickly backtracked, claiming to have been misquoted, expressing bewilderment as to how such a misunderstanding might have occurred. This is what happens to people who hang around with gangsters and criminals: they lose their distance, their objectivity; they become trapped in situations they did not initiate. Their l…

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