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March 19, 2013

Download Cookies & Cream Full Movie | Full Cookies & Cream Movie Good Quality

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Genres: Drama
Actors: Jace Nicole , Ardie Fuqua , Naama Kates , Brian Ackley , Chris Riquinha , Rick Borgia , Jaylon Nicole Carey-Williams , Danny Doherty , Janis Grossman , Omar Hernandez , Shannone Holt , Derek M. McAllister , Kent Sutton , Thyais Walsh
Director: Princeton Holt
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10 (68 votes)

A racially mixed single mother accepts an amateur porn gig to take care of her daughter and herself.

Film Review

I enjoyed this little story about Carmen, a women who performs on a porn website. The actress, Jace Nicole, was very capable, and seems like someone who could go on to bigger roles. However, it is very much a slice of life story: slow moving, character-focused, without a lot of plot advancement. Basically we see her struggles, the focus of which is her dating life. The tone of the film is very poignant. Carmen dates one jerk after another, until she finds a nice, genuine guy who we expect her to end up with. However, she holds back from telling him she works in porn. The movie ends with Carmen continuing to work on the website so that she can build a better life for her and her daughter. I kind of expected an ending like "Pretty Woman," but got something closer to "Boogie Nights." Some of the acting and dialog was pretty bad, even for a low budget production. The boyfriend probably was the worst actor, but the parents were given the most ridiculous lines. They had …

From the outside, Cookies & Cream may seem similar to another indie film named "One Hour Fantasy Girl". One Hour Fantasy Girl even follows a similar path – that of a girl on a struggle to find herself, while working an odd-job to pay the rent.However, now I have a better frame of reference, having watched Cookies & Cream; and I can clearly see what is lacking in 1HFG that C&C has in abundance… heart.Carmen (Jace Nicole) has an 8 year old daughter that she gets to see only three days a week. She has a high-rise apartment, but a lack of a substantial and steady relationship. The only men she sees are those she meets through work on her website. A decidedly adult web page featuring only herself, called Every man she works with tries to take it further, but she won't allow it. They often spew pick-up lines out of a book, and Carmen wants a truthful person who will just be himself.By chance, not too long into her story, Carmen meets a ma…

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