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March 19, 2013

Download Baby Boom Full Movie | Baby Boom Video

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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: Diane Keaton , Sam Shepard , Harold Ramis , Kristina Kennedy , Michelle Kennedy , Sam Wanamaker , James Spader , Pat Hingle , Britt Leach , Linda Ellerbee , Kim Sebastian , Mary Gross , Patricia Estrin , Elizabeth Bennett , Peter Elbling
Director: Charles Shyer
Country: United States
Year: 1987
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (7057 votes)

J.C. Wiatt is a successful New York business woman known around town as the “tiger lady.” She gets news of an inheritance from a relative from another country and off the bat she suspects it’s money. Well it’s not money, it’s a baby girl. At first she doesn’t accept until the lady that gives the baby to her has to catch her flight. J.C. is now stuck with an annoying baby girl. Her boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of a baby living with them and he leaves her. J.C. has enough of it and takes her to meet a family ready to adopt her. She leaves but hears the baby cry while walking away and has to go back. The baby is too attached to her now and won’t let her go. Later, her baby gets into mischief which causes her to get fired. Now, she sets her eyes on an old two story cottage in Vermont to get out of the New York life. When she arrives, the house needs more help than originally thought. She gets bored one snowy day and decides to make apple sauce. Her baby loves it and she decides to sell it. Pretty soon everyone wants some of the baby apple sauce. J.C. hits it big and falls in love with a local veterinarian. Was this fate or destiny?

Film Review

I had read about this film long before I ever saw it. Susan Faludi slated it in her book "Backlash" for being anti-feminist. Perhaps naively, I pretty much took her word for it.I eventually got around to seeing it because James Spader has a small role in it (during the "devious blonde yuppy" phase of his career – he really seems to have it in for yuppies). I was amazed by how completely I disagreed with Faludi.JC (Diane Keaton) is a very determined, resourceful woman. I am not sure how likely it is that she would be able to expand her business without sacrificing her quality time with her adopted daughter and new boyfriend, but I think she'll give it a good try. In my opinion, it is the career-obsessed men who are missing out.This film is saying that women can successfully combine a career and a private life. It may be corny and unrealistic (especially the method by which JC "acquires" baby Elizabeth), but Ms Keaton's character triumphs over adver…

Brilliant, ballsy businesswoman inherits a baby–how can she possibly take care of it when she has a 1:00 business meeting? Screenwriters Charles Shyer (who also directed, ineptly) and Nancy Meyers concoct their scripts always with one eye on the box-office; they have nothing but good will and sunshine up their sleeves, and hope to underline their little bits of happiness with 'edgy' corporate satire and romantic delusion. Diane Keaton retains her nervy grace and charm through a lot of unplayable scenes (such as serving a plate of pasta to her newly-acquired toddler, figuring she'll eat it like a grown-up). The scenario shifts gears oddly in the second-act, attempting (I assume) an unsubtle comparison between Big City living and rustic blissfulness, giving our heroine a rural veterinarian to smooch with–and a possible daddy for the baby! This unreal world, with its fake-smart characters and dry-wit dialogue, seems to have come out of an old Ernst Lubitsch picture–only…

Baby Boom is a very warm, delightful, funny romantic comedy that I absolutely love. I've seen it many times, but I was channel surfing last night and came upon it about 20 minutes into the movie and I had to watch it again, of course. Because today's workplace environment is much more "mom-friendly", this movie seems a bit outdated to women who were born after 1970. Many of them probably will not appreciate the plight of the main character, J.C. Wyatt (played by Diane Keaton) as much as we "older" women who worked through the 80's and beyond. But taken in this context, this movie is great entertainment.I particularly enjoy the problems she encounters with her "new" home in Vermont (reminiscent of "Money Pit" and "Funny Farm") and also the relationship that develops between Diane Keaton's character the that of Sam Shepherd, the handsome country veterinarian. Some scenes are downright hilarious. Others, sweet and tend…

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