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March 18, 2013

Download Team America: World Police Full Movie | Watch Team America: World Police Movie Hq

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Genres: Comedy , Adventure , Action
Actors: Jeremy Shada , Chelsea Marguerite , Maurice LaMarche , Phil Hendrie , Daran Norris , Masasa Moyo , Kristen Miller , Matt Stone , Trey Parker , Fred Tatasciore , Josiah D. Lee
Director: Trey Parker
Country: Germany, United States
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (95002 votes)

The North American anti-terrorist force Team America attacks a group of terrorist in Paris. Later, the leader of the organization, Spottswoode, invites the famous Broadway actor Gary Johnston to join his world police and work undercover in Cairo in a terrorist organization and disclose their plan of destroying the world. The Team America destroy the cell of terrorists, but then the Panama Canal is attacked by the criminals as a payback. Gary feels responsible for the death of many innocents and leaves the counter-terrorism organization. When the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong II, joins a group of pacifist actors and actresses with the intention of using weapons of massive destruction, the Team America tries to avoid the destruction of the world.

Film Review

The 60s might have had DR STRANGELOVE and the 70s MASH and CATCH 22 but the bar has been re set so high this clever new century by TEAM America and it's scathing hilarious turn satirizing the US military industrial machine of the Bush Administration. TEAM America is an outrageous production in its puppet detail and ribald satire. Everyone cops it and the singling out of Kim Jung Il for special 'lonely' treatment is laugh out loud. in fact there must be a big joke a minute in this bewilderingly clever comedy. As with truly excellent humor and satire it is often in the delivery that the best laugh is found, and constantly the skewering of untouchable targets, especially the Film Actors Guild, Matt Damon, and US blunderbuss diplomacy makes for satisfying hilarious viewing. To carry off this level of political whacking is a feat in itself, to use Thunderbirds style puppetry and the amazing detail in the miniatures is a creative feat that matches the barbed with of Parker an…

Team America World Police is a hilarious movie from the same genius minds that brought us South Park,Trey Parker and Matt Stone.Since this film,the two haven't done anything outside of South Park because of the box office results of this film,but that shouldn't matter to them because Team America was well received,and if they made a second one it would probably be successful.They should do more outside of the South Park series,another South Park movie,another Team America or a completely different new series or movie,because they are hilarious and as much as I love the show South Psrk,I think they should do some more outside of the show.A team that protects the United States from terrorists gets a new member,Gary,who is a terrific actor so they get him to disguise as a terrorist and find out what there up to.It turns out Kim Jong-Il has a big plan involving American celebrities.The end of this movie delivers a good message.

Team America: World Police opens in a similar vein to that of the South Park film from five years earlier; those crafty, playful, devilish little animators turned surprisingly apt film-makers Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker beginning with a puppet show within a puppet show; a badly done, poorly executed display of characters on strings attempting to walk across the simplest of sets but doing so crassly. We pull back, the film then revealing a functioning and workable enough little set complete with puppets on strings. The opening recalls that of the establishing shot of the mountain peak in the South Park film of 1999; a composition which, in any other film, animated or otherwise, would have looked majestic in all its natural beauty; there, seemingly pasted together with little more than some blue, green and white card. The opening set the shameless, but reigned in, tone for the film; a real disregard on behalf of Stone and Parker linked to any sort of issues or problems you might have with …

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