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March 15, 2013

Download Series 7: The Contenders Full Movie | Series 7: The Contenders Ipod

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Genres: Comedy , Thriller
Actors: Brooke Smith , Mark Woodbury , Michael Kaycheck , Marylouise Burke , Richard Venture , Donna Hanover , Merritt Wever , Glenn Fitzgerald , Angelina Phillips , Tom Gilroy , Nada Despotovich , Stephen Michael Rinaldi , Alex Yershov , Danton Stone , Joseph Barrett
Director: Daniel Minahan
Country: United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (4941 votes)

Ever seen the show “Survivor” and wished they would just start killing each other?? Series 7 literally gives its contestants the guns. The film is not merely a satire on reality TV. It is an example of just how far people will shamelessly go for fame. 6 contenders are pitted against each other in a no holds barred, kill or be killed contest. The reigning champ is Dawn, a hard-nosed, mother-to-be. We go back and forth between Dawn and the other 5 contenders to see if someone can dethrone Dawn and become the new Champion. What is the prize? How are the contestants picked? These questions are not as important as asking yourself how shameless has our society become? Written by Jeff Mellinger Six ordinary Americans are chosen at random to participate in a “reality-based” TV show where contestants must kill or be killed. The reigning champion, Dawn Lagarto, is eight months pregnant and will win her freedom if she survives Series 7.

Film Review

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself this one question: what is reality? Can there be reality in film? Film records moments that are real, but what happens when you stop the camera? Doesn’t playing them back without context change the moment? What happens when you film small moments and edit them together? Does any reality exist after that? The answer is no. I think?We’ve been inundated with reality programming for a few years now. The novelty has worn off. You can see producers scraping the barrel for some new ideas. So, I can imagine a show like SERIES 7: THE CONTENDERS, being pitched by a bunch of young up and coming producers and that’s what scares me.Picture this every human being is given a number. There is a lottery and those who win have to be on the hottest reality television show THE CONTENDERS. The premises of said show: kill the other contenders. If you’re the only survivor you must come back for the next season. As our film opens seven seasons have …

It's a brave film, I'll give it that but Series 7: The Contenders is just too casual and at times, oddly uninspiring nor interesting when it comes to the pinch. I can only assume that writer/director Daniel Minahan is American and wrote this low-budget, purposely amateurish looking piece at a time and in a world where reality TV is quite probably the bane of television. Coming from the United Kingdom, we get a show entitled Big Brother once a year in the summer which usually turns into one long, hot summer slog as every night we tune in to see what pointlessness unknown's to us have got up to.For Britain, that's about as far as it goes but America perhaps take it several steps too far; they glamorise their reality stars and take it to a level that is beyond sensibility. Programs such as 'The Hills' and many real-life, MTV, 'spring break' (whatever the hell that is) set programs covering the actions and re-actions of American teens; all of whom do not, i…

The concept is great – give 6 people weapons and let them start killing each other. But when they killed Merritt Wever, the film lost it’s flavor and became a crappy, yet twisted love story. Personally, I wanted Lindsay Berns to win. I’m a fan of Merritt Wever, and when her character was brutally beaten to death (by a frickin’ cane, how dumb is that?), I just didn’t care to watch the movie anymore. It’s just not believable after that. Are we supposed to think that she got beaten to death by a 72 year-old man with a metal cane? He was barely hitting her with it!Character development was good, for the most part. The movie focused mainly on Dawn and Jeffrey, and very little on Franklin. Everyone else is in between. Development of Connie’s character was really good, as I really wanted her to die. Her first kill was tactless and she was a b*tch.But that’s just me. I’m biased. All around good movie.

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