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March 15, 2013

Download Paintball Full Movie | How To Download Paintball Movie

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Genres: Action , Thriller
Actors: Brendan Mackey , Jennifer Matter , Patrick Regis , Iaione Perez , Neil Maskell , Anna Casas , Peter Vives , Claudia Bassols , Felix Pring , Joyce Müller , Joshua Zamrycki , Josep Seguí , Lada Rudakova , Reg Wilson
Director: Daniel Benmayor
Country: Spain
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 (1288 votes)

A truck rumbles down a potholed track. In the back sit a group of passengers, their eyes blindfolded… See full synopsis »

Film Review

This film was awful, there is no denying that fact and i'm going to get straight to the point. I have seen a lot of films in my day and this has to be one of the worst. The acting was terrible, it was horribly written. Now the storyline was okay but still very bad. It never got into anything special, it only stayed on that borderline of story lines that we have seen in so many films now. The writer definitely had something that could have been great but the it just never took off in to a good story. I have said a lot of bad point in this review but the film did have some good scenes but other than that it was a really basic film. So with all that in mind i decided to give this a 2 out of 10 just for the simple fact that it was a good idea and there were some good scenes in it.

I don't exactly know anymore why I thought that "Paintball" could easily have been a cool and exciting survival/slasher movie when I rented it… Maybe because I went paintballing with a group of friends recently and you immediately link this game to adrenalin-rushing action and sportive kicks? Or perhaps because I have a tremendous weakness for equally obscure and similarly themed flicks from the 1980's, like "TAG: The Assassination Game", "Master Blaster" and "The Zero Boys"? All these flicks share the same plot, namely that a dim-witted but fun shootout game turns deadly when one or more participants start using real ammunition. None of them are to be considered genre classics, or even remotely great films for that matter, but they nonetheless provided pure and unpretentious entertainment. Entertainment is also exactly what I wanted to get out of "Paintball", but apparently that was too much to ask for … It's …

So, I read the reviews on this title because it seemed like a decent movie. I mean the idea of a paintball game where real death is involved seemed like a good idea. After reading the reviews, however, I had an all new view of this movie as one of those B-horror movies, which I always find hilarious. And lo and behold, it was correct. I came into the movie expecting a few laughs from stupid "horror" scenes. i got way more than a few. The ways that all of the characters die are so hidden that they do not seem gory at all and the overused effects make the "horror" a laughable montage of cliché deaths. Though as a B-horror movie this was not even good. It was trying too hard to be a real horror movie making it not B horror and not A horror, just A- horror…. which doesn't even exist

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