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March 15, 2013

Download Half Past Dead Full Movie | Where Can I Download Half Past Dead Trailer

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Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller
Actors: Steven Seagal , Morris Chestnut , Ja Rule , Nia Peeples , Tony Plana , Kurupt , Michael Taliferro , Claudia Christian , Linda Thorson , Bruce Weitz , Michael McGrady , Richard Bremmer , Hannes Jaenicke , Matt Battaglia , Wiliam T. Bowers
Director: Don Michael Paul
Country: Germany, United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 4.2/10 (9386 votes)

A criminal mastermind has set in motion a plan to infiltrate a high tech prison in order to persuade a death row inmate to reveal the whereabouts of $200 million worth of gold. It’s up to an undercover FBI agent to stop him before it’s too late. Written by Anonymous Sascha Petrosevitch is a car thief who’s brought in by criminal Nick Frazier to work for crime boss Sonny Eckvall, who apparently shot and killed Sascha’s wife. When FBI Special Agent Ellen “E. Z.” Williams and her team show up to nail Nick, things go bad, and Sascha gets shot. After eight months of recovery following his brief bout of being clinically dead from the shooting, Sascha is incarcerated along with Nick in the newly reopened Alcatraz prison. Run by the charismatic warden, Juan Ruiz “El Fuego” Escarzaga, the place is known for its new state-of-the-art death chamber where the condemned can choose from five different ways to die — lethal injection, gas chamber, hanging, firing squad, or electric chair. Lester McKenna is the first prisoner scheduled to be executed. An older man, Lester stole $200,000,000 worth of gold bricks in a heist that resulted in five deaths. Federal Bureau of Prisons head Frank Hubbard and Supreme Court Justice June McPherson have arrived to watch the execution, which is a result of June sentencing Lester. But she’s not the only one interested in Lester. A small but well-equipped team of terrorists — the “49ers” — have parachuted onto the island and gained control of it. Led by 49er One AKA Donny Johnson, Hubbard’s assistant, the team finds Lester, and wants him to give up the location of his hidden stash of gold. When Lester won’t tell them, Donny shoots a nearby priest and threatens to kill others if the info isn’t delivered. His plan is disrupted when Sascha decides to step in and fight back. It turns out that Sascha is an undercover FBI agent who’s been trying to use Nick to get to Sonny Eckvall. When Sascha rescues Lester, the 49ers strap June to the electric chair and threaten to kill her, while on the mainland, Ellen and her team plan an attack on the 49ers. With the help of Nick and other inmates such as Twitch and Little Joe, Sascha sets out to rescue June and bring Donny down, before Alcatraz becomes everyone’s final resting place. Written by Todd Baldridge A man who is scheduled to be executed for stealing 200 million dollars in gold, asks to see another inmate named Sasha; it seems that several months ago when the FBI raided the place where Sasha was, he was shot and was dead for a few minutes. Now the man wants to know Sasha’s experience before he goes. Before the execution can be carried out some men storm the prison and demand that the man tell them where he hid the gold, which he has never revealed. But in the process of breaking into the prison, they allow some of the inmates to be released. And led by Sasha, they try to stop them. Written by In this movie, Sasha Petrosevitch and Nick Frazier get put in the “NEW ALCATRAZ” apparently because Frazier kills a cop. While in jail they usually have fights with the security guard, an overweight lunatic. One day a man named Donny infiltrates a prison with a band of crooks looking for 200 million dollars worth of US gold. One of the inmates hid it. Now the inmates are retaliating, with Petrosevitch and Frazier leading them.

Film Review

Half Past Dead, must also refer to Seagal's martial arts skills that are on vacation in this pitiful movie. Bruce Weitz's acting performance is as close as you will get to anything of value. As Stephen King said, "It's all about the story." There is no story, just gun violence, with special effects, backed by hideous crack-head music. Seagal surely will disappoint his fans with this one. If you are looking for another Under Siege 1, or On Deadly Ground, don't waste your time. Money spent for the poorly done effects should have been paid to the script writer. There is no message, no redeeming value, just noise. Not even worth reviewing. 2 Stars just to leave room for something worse.

You have to turn your brain off to watch this movie, but that is not even half the problem. The soundtrack is so bad (and soooo loud) you also need to turn your ears off in order to survive this movie with your eardrums intact and see it through to the end.There is nothing much to say about this film apart from the fact that almost everything about it could have been done better. The plot doesn't make much sense, it's full of clichés, the acting is horrible (especially Seagal), the sound is horrific, one of the worst i have ever heard in a major production, etc, etc… The only positive thing about this film (hence the star rating) is that unfortunately, there are also movies out there that are much, much worse…

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