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March 15, 2013

Download Black and White Full Movie | Download Black and White Film 2012

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Genres: Drama , Music , Thriller
Actors: Scott Caan , Robert Downey Jr. , Stacy Edwards , Allan Houston , Gaby Hoffmann , Kidada Jones , Jared Leto , Marla Maples , Joe Pantoliano , Bijou Phillips , Oliver ‘Power’ Grant , Raekwon , Claudia Schiffer , William Lee Scott , Brooke Shields
Director: James Toback
Country: United States
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (4098 votes)

Set in New York City, Black and White features several losely related stories centering on a pair of documentary filmmakers, Sam and her husband Terry, in following a group of caucasian teens, Raven, Charlie, Will, Marty, Wren and others who try to fit in with Harlem’s black hip-hop crowd who include gangster rapper Rich Bower and his music partner Cigar in landing a recording gig, as well as college basketball player Dean who is conflicted on taking a fall on a game for shady gambler Mark Clear who has hidden agenda for Dean and Rich.

Film Review

I always find the idea of improvised (or semi-improvised) film making an interesting one, even if the results themselves are disappointing, and very rarely work (exceptions being some of the movies of Christopher Guest and Abel Ferrara). It’s a risky idea because it’s a true test of an actors talent. Some succeed and some fall flat on their faces. ‘Black and White’ is a perfect example of this, for every interesting moment involving say Ben Stiller, or yes, Mike Tyson, there’s way too many dull and rambling scenes that go nowhere (come on down Brooke Shields and Bijou Phillips). What makes this movie even more frustrating is James Toback is obviously aiming for a BIG STATEMENT regarding race relations in contemporary America, yet the movie is so superficial and confused it ultimately says nothing much. Toback is a maddingly uneven film maker, but he is responsible for one of my all time favourite movies, the sadly underrated ‘Fingers’, so I usually give him the benefit of the doubt. …

It's hard to figure out who should be most offended by this movie, blacks or whites, since blacks come off as ignorant animals who just want to drink, have sex, and rap, while whites are portrayed as pitiful, culturally drained, amoral fools who try to taste life by emulating blacks.One could try to defend the movie by saying "hey, man, it's REAL," but the problem is that isn't. There may be blacks who just wander around saying "know'em sayin" every other sentence, find solace in the wonder of thug life, and there may be whites who say the same thing, only pitifully lame, but I have a higher opinion of both races than that.The plot, such as it is, well, actually there isn't much of a plot, just a melange of scenes with little to connect them except the stupidity of them. Strangely, the performances aren't that bad, Robert Downey, as a gay man with Brooke Shields as his wife (which begs the question as to how anyone could be gay with Brooke S…

Beware. "Black and White" is one of the really and truly awful things to have ever been spooled through a projector. This film is so abhorrent and awful that it causes mold and fungus to build up in the projector if played enough, just by virtue of what's imprinted onto the film itself. "Black and White" is one of the most insanely pretentious films I've ever seen, shockingly poorly edited even by b-movie standards, is completely incoherent and filled with at least twenty main characters, all of whom are detestable. I have absolutely no idea what was going through James Toback's head while he was directing this. The entire film, as I understand it, was literally made up as they went along. That's the equivalent of using the first-draft of a screenplay to film the movie, and that's what the film ends up looking like. The editing in this film is so bad, I can't even describe it; it's like it was edited by a lawnmower. There are like…

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